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How it works

  1. Working professionals share their background and company details and indicate on which day(s) they are willing to speak with a student(s) for a one-hour conversation.
  2. Students register on or after January 5 to participate and request their top choices of professionals to interview.
  3. “Matches” are made in January and a communication is sent to both the professional and student.
  4. Professionals arrange the time and method (i.e. phone, Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) for the conversation and communicates with the student(s).
  5. Students prepare to interview using tools provided.
  6. The interview happens!
  7. Students send thank you messages and ideally, a networking connection has been made, allowing for future interaction if appropriate.

For Companies

The Western New York technology-focused college students are your future employees, co-workers, vendors and business partners. We are confident that you recognize the importance of educating your future workforce about their career possibilities and your companies.

Company Benefit

  • A more educated future talent pool.
  • Awareness of your company (which can directly lead to an increase in candidates for future openings).
  • Ability to meet a company's mission to contribute to the benefit of society and take an active role in improving our community.

Professional Benefit

  • The best way to improve your own abilities is to teach them to someone else.
  • Personal satisfaction of making a difference in a student's professional development.
Company Sign Up
by January 4th, 2021

For Students

College students wanting to discover IT-related career paths are welcome to register and select their professionals interests followed by interviewing professionals about their career and company. This is not a recruitment event, but an educational and networking opportunity.

Student Benefits

  • Understanding of how your coursework connects to real IT solutions in industry
  • Discover career opportunities through discussion with professionals
  • Better understand professional expectations, business culture, day-to-day tasks, necessary skills
  • Network with professionals in your field
  • Opportunity to impress a potential future employer
Tips for Informational Interviewing

Student Sign Up
by January 14th, 2021